Thursday, 26 April 2012

Silent Valley Water Company

Perfect Retirement Housing Complex
Inner Hamlet

My Dear Ralph

The news today, dear, is that Pom-Pom is still much exercised on the topic of the 'poisoned' drinking water emerging from the taps at his abode.  We finally made contact with Silent Valley Water Inc. and they kindly informed us that, as our supply was at the end of the supply chain, it would be possible to open a valve and shunt our water on to a new destination.  However, our afternoon beverage still tastes heavily contaminated with Substance X and Pom-Pom is now considering their view that his recent purchase of a cheap plastic kettle may be causing phenols, from the plastic, to be entering our cuppas.  He has now ordered a slightly more up-market stainless steel kettle and we hope this will solve the problem.  I will keep you posted!
The corridors have otherwise remained comparatively silent.  We have had no sightings of the Management, although Pom-Pom informs me that the daily roll call was performed, as usual, through the intercom.  I myself, almost immediately post-admission, came to the conclusion that I had to extricate myself from these proceedings!  So, last week, I submitted a letter (in triplicate)  to Perfect relieving them of any responsibility for being found, rotting, in my room at some future date.  This also has the added bonus of enabling one's activities to be slightly less under the floodlit glare of any managerial attentions!
This morning, I have bowled up and down the hall one or two times but, so far, have only had sightings of the Biscuit Eater and Dinkie.  Dinkie and I spent several minutes despairing (in whispers) over the lurid lime paintwork on all our front doors and Dinkie is considering requisitioning a pair of sunglasses from the cache of summer accessories residing in a hallway cupboard.
It is now raining.  Rain, somehow dear, renders the hours spent surveying the compound, below, even lengthier!  No-one appears to have been evacuated by ambulance today, but our telescope activation sensor seems to require a new battery.  You couldn't just run out and get one for us dear, could you?
Pinkie and Perkie, meanwhile, are doing splendidly thank you. However, we do find that their florets fade somewhat in the brilliant sunlight from the exterior.  And splashing water on their rosette of leaves has occasionally resulted in 'leaf scorch.'  We have not, as yet, decided on a name for our Poinsettia, but gather that the time for ensconcing it within a darkened box, will soon be upon us.  I think I may have to remind Pom-Pom to place a date for its retrieval on the computer calendar - or else the poor thing may expire, forgotten!
Aunt Agatha

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