Friday, 5 April 2013

Postscript . . .

Author's note

Well I am done now I think.  One hundred and five episodes (105) are enough for anybody to write - and read!

You can read my story from the beginning if you go into the blog archive on the right-hand side bar.  It starts in April 2012.  My passion is justice.  My theme has been goodness, and its antonym, evil.

For those of you are interested in such things, some rough viewing statistics (November 2016) are as follows: US - 1724; UK - 1274;  Russia - 683; Germany - 245; France - 266;  Poland  - 261; Mauritius - 201; Netherlands - 160; Ukraine 92;  China - 35, and Slovenia - 26. 

 With the exception of south America and Africa (nil views) I have had views from countries all over the world.  I hope this has been due to placing a translation widget on the side bar!

I haven't used the social media (Facebook, Twitter, Linked In etc) in any way.  Partly this is because I don't know how to(!) but also it is due to feeling that I'd like viewers to be 'real' in some way - and not generated by the need for us all to 'follow' each other. 

I am grateful, however, for the readership I have had; your presence in the ether has supplied a continued motivation to write.


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