Friday, 24 August 2012

The hunting owl . . .

10 Forsythia Grove
Outer Hamlet
My Dear Ralph
I have been watching (from the top of stepladders) the outdoor activities of dear Chumley, now he has worked out how to exit from the garden by physically climbing the wall.  I must say I was somewhat anxious with regard to his safety at first, but he has certainly proved able to climb with some celerity into the canopy of the Ash tree adjacent to these premises.  And, luckily, Sebastian's pet Eagle Owl must have been off the scene hunting alternative prey as - looking so white and fluffy up in the tree - Chumley does bear an unfortunate resemblance to a young lamb.  Maybe I should acquire (in addition to my own, not negligible, collection of hardware) a rifle with a telescopic sight?  What do you think pet?  Should I observe said bird flapping across the sky with Chumley caught fast in his talons, it may become necessary to use this piece of equipment!
Meanwhile, I am still levering up tens of flagstones with a view to establishing a garden with foliage I can blend in with.
I haven't quite got around to setting up all the overhead wires running from one fence to another, but I am sure I will achieve this in time.  Also, Edith's idea of using human urine as a compost activator, has been most useful, and I have been out there with several early morning jugfuls now!  The one slight snag, which someone mentioned the other day, is that I should have lined the fence inside my improvised compost bin - with plastic sheeting - as the compost product will eventually rot the wood.  On a more uplifing note, it turns out that cats are most fascinated by the scent of fresh Valerian root and that the training of racehorses is often facilitated by the siting of a clump of Comfrey leaves at the finishing post!
How are you faring dear?  Last time we spoke you mentioned the mass painting of a batch of a miniature toy soldiers.  I am not altogether sure that your idea of my whiling away the winter hours, doing something similar myself, will work too well - as I can imagine the paint freezing over in my sitting room once we reach December!
Aunt Agatha

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