Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Secret Service: EPISODE 35

Perfect Retirement Housing Complex
Inner Hamlet

My Dear Ralph
Notwithstanding the onset of one or two (tooth-related I feel sure of it pet) shivering attacks in the night, I decided to keep my appointment to view dear Hilary's collection of Japanese maples on the other side of Corsettshire this morning.  I won't go into the actual intricacies of the journey; suffice it to say that a lengthy jaunt across sundry hump-backed bridges and water-filled ditches was involved (not to mention a diversion round Sumpington-on-the-Wick).  Dear Hilary was delighted to see me as you will imagine and we enjoyed one or two hours fond reminiscences  of our years secreting microfilm dots about our persons while on espionage duties in certain Cold War cities.  Life was so exciting then pet - never knowing when the KGB were about to turn up and remove us from service - either with a silencer or into some local stronghold or other.  The whole era had a level of piquancy and general bracing effect on the nervous system, not even equalled by residing at the Perfect Retirement Housing Complex! 
However, my old chum and colleague has done a perfectly splendid job of installing one or two colourful trees and shrubs in the environs of his property.  The scarlet-leaved Stag's Horn Sumach was displayed amongst the trees (try to keep awake now pet) as were the glossy red leaves of several radiant Raywood's Ash.  If you keep your eyes peeled down at Economy Fare dear, you may well see a more popular effect in the bright red berries of the Cotoneaster and  striking red stems of the Dogwood.  I must say that last time I visited your own establishment, I did notice one or two weeds littering the front yard and only the occasional bloom illuminating the hardcore out the back!  Do try to take a bit more pride pet!
Aunt Agatha

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