Tuesday, 8 May 2012

The appropriate safe usage of a chain saw

Perfect Retirement Housing Complex
Inner Hamlet

My Dear Ralph

Many thanks for your epistle pet.  I'm sorry if I was a little indiscreet with regard to your job with the Government.
You won't believe how wonderful it is dear, to be able to jump into the Banger 0.9L and drive off immediately, without spending an aeon dripping in the rain pressing non-operational buttons.  However, having attended my course yesterday, I think I may have signed up for the wrong one!  I seem to be on a Tree Pruner course when I wanted to be on a Tree Recognition course (vanity over the wearing of my spectacles may just have resulted in a misreading of the small print)!  You'd think that the college might have hinted that a retired lady of my distinction would be unlikely to land a plum job with the local council as Tree Pruner!  Sometimes pet, I think this 'political correctness' attitude to modern life may have been taken a bit too far.  Anyway, we have all been kitted out with our tree harnesses and given instruction on the appropriate safe usage of a chain saw!  At least it is a day spent away from the Perfect Retirement Housing Complex!
I have been giving a few thoughts, recently, on how this establishment has got into such a sorry state.  And I blame the Government!  Until they make it illegal for organizations such as Perfect to pay low wages to improperly selected staff, we are going to be up against personnel of minimal calibre!  I must say dear, that it is very wearing for one's genuine concerns to be - so often - treated with an attitude of aggressive contempt.  One learns not to have any ideas/make any suggestions, for these tend to be resentfully received, with the net result that the Perfect Retirement Housing Complex remains lost in the Dark Ages.  When I stop to think about it, I can think of an unending list of matters which could be profitably attended to - if only we had the right person at the helm.  After all, most people lodged at Perfect are not in brilliant physical/mental shape and we do need to feel that we are in the best of hands.
Well I must go dear.  I am feeling somewhat under the weather since yesterday's experience of being suspended from the apex of a rather large tree!
Aunt Agatha

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