Monday, 21 May 2012

A huge pile of rumpled clothing on the bed . . .

Perfect Retirement Housing Complex
Inner Hamlet

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My Dear Ralph
Today I met William from Raptor-on-the-Lake!  It was most exciting pet, having to get all dressed up and exit from the building using some ruse about having to attend a church luncheon party.  Pom-Pom did raise an eyebrow as I may, in the past, have uttered one or two less-than-flattering remarks about local parochial events but, nevertheless, I believe I did sound sufficiently convincing in the end.  One snag, dear, was that I ended up with a huge pile of rumpled clothing on the bed, before being able to find anything which I could get into (it's the constant noshing on cake, in order to ameliorate boredom here in Perfect, which does it).  However, I eventually winched myself into my mauve crepe dress and associated footwear and hopped it in the car.
We had arranged to meet at the Pineapple on the edge of Outer Hamlet and so I drew up outside at the appointed hour.  There were a lot of black chickens running about the yard in this rural outpost, dear, as you can imagine.  William was there but - as it later emerged - he was expecting to meet a lady with flame-red hair and I was expecting to meet an indigenous Aborigine!  Obviously, this doesn't say much for the colour quality of photos displayed on the internet pet!
Anyway, after only a slight amount of mutual offence, we sat down to enjoy our repast of Caribbean chicken and sundry intoxicants.  We actually got on quite well after this knockback relating to each other's personal appearance and he was soon telling me about the diet fed to his pet American rattlesnake.  I, personally, do not feel that it is quite sporting to be lowering live mice into the tank, dear, because what possible chance does the poor mouse stand under such circumstances?  And I did say this!  He, on his part, asked me why I used such a large font size in my letters and said that he'd thought I could be blind.  Dear me pet!  He went on to say that he'd reciprocated by enlarging the font size he used in his own letters.  You know, pet, I never noticed!  Obviously, I am not sure I have too much in common with someone who was brought up in Hong Kong and wants to emigrate to Australia, but we will see!
Aunt Agatha

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