Friday, 4 May 2012

The lock clicked open gently

Perfect Retirement Housing Complex
Inner Hamlet

My Dear Ralph

Apologies for the epistle-writing spree pet.  However, I would like to relay one or two thoughts on the subject of building design here at the Perfect Retirement Housing Complex.  Docker and I have just arrived 'home' from our weekly shop at Economy Fare.  And I must say dear, that very little thought has been given to exactly how we are to gain entry to the building with our elderly persons' shopping trolleys.  One has the electronic key of course, which causes the actual lock to click open gently, but then one somehow has to get in!  Once in, one is greeted by the sight of two rows of snouts (in the lounge) all leaning forwards to see who exactly has grunted their way through the doors.
One appreciates that these inmates have very little with which to occupy their days, but it can be all too depressing to be the daily object of others' curiosity.  Unfortunately, Our Leader is markedly uninterested - indeed often hostile towards - any constructive suggestions along the lines of automatic doors/redesign of sight lines in the direction of privacy, and so it all goes on!
And as for occupying those inmates insufficiently mobile to escape to the bus stop, I think it would help if some sort of dedicated activity/hobby room was provided - as well as procuring a part-time person to lead activities.  When people have nothing to do, all day long, it leads to the sort of corrosive gossiping and voyeurism described above!  The elderly may be retired from work, but they should not feel retired from Life!
Sorry to be such an old grump pet, but one does feel in the clutches somewhat.  If only Pom-Pom hadn't spent all our assets on the horses!
Aunt Agatha

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